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Yelli Jewels - A journey into the world of unique jewelry

In the world of fashion and jewelry, there are designers who set new standards with their extraordinary creations. One such artist is the talented designer of Yelli Jewels. Her unique and handcrafted jewelry pieces have caused quite a stir in the industry. Let's dive into the exciting world of Yelli Jewels and discover their fascinating products.

Yelli Jewels is the jewelry label of talented designer Samia Benbrahim. Samia has a passion for high-quality materials and artful craftsmanship, which is reflected in each of her designs. Each piece of jewelry is made with great attention to detail and a personal touch by Samia herself. From concept development to manufacturing, she never compromises.

Yelli Jewels are Neo-Amazigh handcrafted creations of 925 silver jewelry designed by Samia Benbrahim. The values of the brand are




It’s through the Berber jewels, guardians of the ancestral legacy inherited from mother to daughter, that Samia have built the image of the Moroccan culture since she was young and led her to this beautiful journey, constantly seeking to quench her thirst for knowledge of the Arts and Crafts. Then, she naturally decided to re-interpret the Amazigh culture under a new light, one closer to her personal history, in a NEO-BERBER way to tell her story through her designs. It after her adventures, a solo 7-months trip in Asia, that Samia gets used to scribbling her thoughts and ideas and that the brand was born.

Unique Creations

What sets Yelli Jewels apart from other jewelry brands are its unique creations. Each piece is individual and tells a story. From sparkling diamonds to luminous gemstones to innovative combinations of materials, the variety of Yelli Jewels' collections is endless. Whether elegant and simple or eye-catching and extravagant, everyone will find the perfect jewelry to underline their personality.

Quality and sustainability

At Yelli Jewels, great emphasis is placed on quality and sustainability. Samia uses only ethically mined gemstones and materials of the highest quality. Their commitment to environmentally friendly practices is also reflected in their manufacturing process, which incorporates sustainable techniques and practices. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with the utmost care to ensure it is a lifelong companion.

Customer Satisfaction and Growth

Yelli Jewels has a loyal and growing community of customers who are delighted by the beauty and originality of their products. Customer satisfaction is Samia's top priority, and she works closely with clients to create custom made-to-order pieces. Her success is also based on a strong online presence and collaboration with select retail partners worldwide.

Yelli Jewels is a designer that is revolutionizing the fashion industry with her stunning jewelry pieces. Her unique creations, dedication to quality and sustainability, and customer satisfaction have made her a name in the industry. If you are looking for unique and valuable jewelry that expresses your personality and is of the highest quality, Yelli Jewels is the perfect choice.

Dive into their collection at and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Yelli Jewels.

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