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Do you love beautiful colors and ethnic patterns? The Yellow Azilal Carpet will fulfill your desires.

Silky and folkloric, this beautiful Berber cotton rug will bring a bohemian atmosphere to your interior with its vibrant colors and Berber geometric motifs.

With its multiple variations, this yellow Azilal carpet will dress up your living room or bedroom for a warm and friendly atmosphere. Easy to clean, it can be machine washed and lasts a very long time.


  • Style: Berber Azilal Carpet
  • Composition: Cotton



  • Machine wash at 30°
  • Hurry, only 1 item left in stock!
Cozy Comfort: Enjoy the comfort of this Berber cotton rug under your feet, inviting you to relax and bask in the beauty of its intricate design and radiant colors.
The Yellow Azilal Carpet: A captivating fusion of beautiful colors and ethnic patterns, designed to fulfill your interior desires.  Bohemian Elegance: Infuse a bohemian atmosphere into your space with the silky and folkloric Yellow Azilal Carpet, adorned with vibrant colors and Berber geometric motifs.
Artistic Expression: Embrace the artistic expression of Berber culture, as this beautiful cotton rug becomes a canvas of traditional patterns and stunning hues.
Unique Statement Piece: The Yellow Azilal Carpet stands as a unique statement piece, commanding attention and adding character to any room it graces.
Cultural Heritage: Cherish the heritage of the Berber people with this carpet, embodying the essence of their traditions and artistic legacy.