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Exceptional Berber Handira plaid woven several years ago by a Berber woman in the region of Khemissat in Morocco.
The Handira is a Berber woolen blanket known to be worn on a bride's day. If you are not planning to get married soon, you can just place this blanket on your armchair or bed.

The quality of the weaving of this Berber blanket has allowed it to travel through the years. This Berber wool blanket has withstood the cold winters of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.


Style: Berber cover

Composition: 100% wool

Weight: 2 kg

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Limited Edition: With a limited quantity available, this vintage handira blanket becomes a cherished and exclusive addition to your home.
Yellow white blanket moroccan: Embrace the timeless beauty of the Vintage Handira Blanket, a true testament to the artistry and traditions of Berber women.
Cultural Heritage: Passed down through generations, this handira blanket carries the rich cultural heritage and stories of the Berber people.
Vintage Charm: The vintage allure of this blanket exudes a unique and nostalgic charm, adding character and history to any space.
Handcrafted with Love: Each blanket is lovingly handmade by Berber women, infusing their passion and creativity into every stitch.
Versatile Home Accent: Whether draped over a bed or used as a decorative throw, the handira blanket brings a touch of authentic Berber artistry to any setting.
Preserving Tradition: By owning a Vintage Handira Blanket, you contribute to preserving the traditions and artistry of Berber women, keeping their legacy alive for years to come.