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Inspired by the Berber style, it can bring a touch of authenticity to the room where it is placed. You will especially appreciate it for its bright tone and tribal motifs.



  • Style: Ethnic carpet
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Thickness: 18 mm
  • Natural ecru
  • Non-toxic dye
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Comfortable and easy to maintain
  • Ideal in a living room, bedroom, dining room...



  • Vacuum regularly 
  • Clean stains with a cloth
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Berber Carpet with Fringe: Berber-inspired, Tatos inspirations, Cultural richness, Symbolic fringe, Fight for freedom., morrocan carpet in black and white.
Cultural richness: Diverse cultural heritage, Cultural tapestry, Multifaceted traditions, Rich cultural legacy, Cultural depth.
Symbolic fringe: Decorative fringe, Fringe symbolism, Fringe as cultural expression, Meaningful adornment, Traditional fringe embellishment.
Fight for freedom: Resilience, Cultural resistance, Struggle for liberation, Symbol of independence, Emancipatory spirit.