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Rose and pomegranate, a sensual union that gives a touch of summer! So it's easy to feel completely comfortable in your skin!
In this beautiful large care set are five care products for cleaning and care:

  •  A natural rose soap based on plant care oils and pure rose oil cleanses and cares for the skin and provides a pleasantly sensual fragrance.
  •  The intensive face serum with hand-pressed argan oil and pomegranate oil immediately tightens and smoothes the skin visibly and noticeably thanks to its natural, effective lifting complex.
  • Organic Arganoil with its very balanced composition of oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid and contained alpha-tocopherols nourishes the skin. Hyaluron helps to bind moisture in the skin. Dryness wrinkles are minimized.
  • Argan oil face cream with pleasant pomegranate fragrance and moisturizing effect regenerates the skin with cell-rejuvenating argan oil. At the same time, high-molecular hyaluronic acid gives the skin a smoother appearance, provides it with moisture and improves skin elasticity. This light '24-h cream is suitable for normal and sensitive skin.
  • Argan oil face cream with rose has a stimulating and antiseptic effect on blood circulation and increases the elasticity of the skin. It regenerates and redness of the skin is reduced. The result is a smoother, more elastic and even complexion.
  • The wonderfully sensual smelling body lotion with pomegranate oil is absorbed very quickly and leaves no unpleasant film on the skin. It gives a pleasant feeling to the skin!
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    Berber Cosmetics Pomegranate and Rose Skincare Set: Rejuvenating botanicals, Moroccan beauty secrets for radiant skin. Organic 100%
    Discover the transformative power of the Berber Cosmetics Pomegranate and Rose Skincare Set, enriched with natural ingredients like pomegranate and rose, inspired by Moroccan beauty traditions for a radiant and glowing complexion.