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+ Description

This azure blue cuff with three "studded" lines will set the tone of your look.

A flagship jewel of the collection, harmonious in its design to be worn without moderation for a casual or more elaborate style.

+ Product details

  • Handcrafted by hand
  • Silver 925
  • Techniques: Watermark, enamel, half balls obtained individually and manually
  • through a suitable mould.
  • Height: 4,8 cm
  • Width: adjustable
  • Working hours: 10

Your jewellery is delivered in its YELLI JEWELS zipped pouch.

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eep Blue Studs Cuff Bracelet inspired by Amazigh tattoos and the blue indigo of the Atlantic Ocean: Symbolic freedom, Cultural infusion, Striking elegance, Artistic expressions, Oceanic inspiration.
Symbolic freedom: The deep blue studs on this cuff bracelet represent the oceanic hues of the Atlantic, embodying the meaning of freedom cherished by the Berber people and their ancestral connection to the sea.
Cultural infusion: Inspired by Amazigh tattoos, the intricate patterns on this cuff bracelet fuse traditional Amazigh artistry with contemporary jewelry design, creating a unique blend of cultural infusion.
Striking elegance: The deep blue studs of this cuff bracelet, reminiscent of the captivating Atlantic Ocean, add a touch of sophistication and alluring elegance to any ensemble.