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You will not regret your choice with the bohemian India-Berber pillow.
The India bohemian pillow gives softness to your interior. Its patterns and its style will give a real pleasure to your eyes. It will make you feel so good that you will have a hard time leaving your cozy sofa.

This bohemian pillow has the power to beautify any room in the house and make your decoration unique.



  • Style: bohemian pillow
  • Front composition: Front side is woven cotton
  • Back composition : Back is in solid cotton
  • Dimension : 45x45 cm
  • Opening : Zipper


  • Machine washable at 30°.
  • Ironing on the reverse side
  • Hurry, only 1 item left in stock!
Cultural fusion: Harmonious blend of Indian and Berber influences, Cross-cultural exchange, Fusion of artistic traditions, Cultural diversity, Global connections.
morrocan Pillows in yellow and grey. Bohemian India-Berber Pillow: Cultural fusion, Artistic tapestry, Vibrant colors, Intricate patterns, Textured design, Handcrafted beauty, Global inspiration, Eclectic charm.
Artistic tapestry: Creative expression, Unique storytelling, Visual narrative, Artistry in fabric, Textile mastery.
Vibrant colors: Lively hues, Rich and bold shades, Exuberant color palette, Energetic and eye-catching, Celebrating the joy of color.
Intricate patterns: Ornate motifs, Geometric designs, Symbolic elements, Expressive complexity, A tapestry of intricate beauty.
Textured design: Tactile embellishments, Layered fabric, Intriguing textures, Sensory delight, Adding depth and interest.
Handcrafted beauty: Artisan-made, Skilled craftsmanship, Meticulous detailing, Hand-stitched, Exquisite handmade quality.
Global inspiration: International influences, Cultural cross-pollination, Exploring worldwide aesthetics, Global design sensibilities.