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This bohemian Pillow will bring comfort and cheerfulness to your interior. It will keep you company wherever you go. With its original colors and attractive pattern, the Bohemian Berber Eye Pillow can complement your decor and provide that touch of originality you've been looking for. Whether it's on a bed or a sofa, it will always impress you. With this colorful Berber cushion inspired by bohemian style, you'll get a unique yet chic and boho combo.



  • Style: Berber/Bohemian Front
  • composition: Woven cotton Back
  • composition: Solid cotton
  • Dimensions: 45x45 cm
  • Closure: Zipper



  • Wash at 30°C
  • Air dry recommended
  • Iron at low temperature if needed

* Bohemian cushion cover provided without filling.

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Cultural fusion: Bohemian-Amazigh blend, Cross-cultural influences, Fusion of styles, Harmonious integration, Cultural diversity.
moroccan pillows eye rose and blue. Bohemian Amazigh Eye Pillow: Cultural fusion, Artistic design, Relaxation aid, Vibrant colors, Handcrafted comfort.
Artistic design: Creative expression, Unique patterns, Artisanal craftsmanship, Intricate detailing, Aesthetic allure.
Relaxation aid: Stress relief, Calming properties, Soothing comfort, Eye relaxation, Restorative benefits.
Handcrafted comfort: Skillfully made, Hand-stitched, Attention to detail, Cozy and soft, Handcrafted relaxation.
moroccan pillow eyes rose and blue. Spiritual essence: Soulful connection, Sacred symbolism, Mystical energy, Inner peace, Spiritual awakening.
Boho-chic charm: Free-spirited style, Eclectic flair, Artistic bohemian vibes, Unique and expressive, Effortlessly stylish.