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The beige bohemian pillow of Berber inspiration illuminates your decorative interior.

Its soft cotton fabric material is pleasant to the touch and its solid beige color matches any type of furniture and color.
Decorating tip: Create a unique bohemian decor with our bohemian & ethnic style pillows both available in our berber spirit pillows collection.



  • Style: Berber / Bohemian
  • Composition : Cotton
  • Size and weight : Square = 45x45 cm / 150 g | Rectangle = 30x50 cm / 190 g
  • Opening : Zipper


  • Wash at 30 °C
  • Natural drying recommended
  • Ironing possible at low temperature

    Amazigh eclectic charm: Quirky and unique, Mix of styles, Free-spirited, Artistic flair, Unconventional beauty.
    Moroccan Bohemian Beige Pillow: Eclectic charm, Neutral elegance, Artistic design, Handcrafted comfort, Versatile accent.
    Berber neutral elegance: Subtle sophistication, Timeless appeal, Understated beauty, Versatility in decor, Classic neutral tones.
    Northafrican artistic design: Creative expression, Unique patterns, Artisanal craftsmanship, Intricate detailing, Aesthetic allure.
    Handcrafted comfort: Skillfully made, Hand-stitched, Attention to detail, Cozy and soft, Handcrafted relaxation.