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Vintage Azilal style rug with sublime colored Berber symbols. For enthusiasts of ethnic and contemporary style, this tribal rug is a beautiful cotton rug with abstract tribal motifs with elaborate shapes.

Place one of our bohemian carpet in your home and let yourself be sublimated by the magic of Berber decor.



  • Style: Azilal style carpet
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Dimensions: 120 x 170 cm



  • Vacuum gently with a soft brush mode
  • Hand or steam cleaning
  • Natural sun drying recommended
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Handwoven: Handmade, Artisan-crafted, Skilled weaving, Traditional craftsmanship, Handcrafted, Berber motifs, Berber weaving, Berber aesthetics.
Moroccan: North African, Maghrebi, Moroccan design, Moroccan style, Moroccan influence, Women preserving culture and art.
Retro-inspired: Vintage, Retro vibes, Nostalgic, Mid-century influence, Throwback style.
Intricate patterns: Elaborate designs, Detailed motifs, Complex weaving, Ornate patterns, Intricate craftsmanship.
Cultural history: Cultural heritage, Historical significance, Centuries-old traditions, Cultural preservation, Artistic legacy.