Salihi bags have their own personality. They bear the Amazigh characters and are a bridge between West and East, heaven and earth, traditions and the unknown. Each bag is handmade from high quality leather and dyed with natural products. And that's not all: with every purchase you support traditional craftsmanship in Morocco.


Our production partner has always worked with the same materials, tools and technology as decades ago. The cow and goat leather is tanned and dyed with natural products. Moroccan craftsmanship perfectly matches our design thanks to the variety of shapes, patterns and colors. Our selected leather is very durable and long lasting. Minor irregularities in the surface are not defects, but indicate scars in the skin of the animals.


Blue, particularly indigo, is culturally significant for the Amazigh people. It represents protection, spirituality, and good fortune. The traditional use of indigo dye in textiles highlights their cultural heritage and craftsmanship. Blue-colored architecture also creates a peaceful ambiance. Meanings may vary across Amazigh communities.

Amazigh Font Symbols of Morocco

ⴰ ⴼ ⵓ ⵙ


Handgemachte Lederprodukte von VIVIFY zeichnen sich durch zwei Merkmale aus: Einfachheit und Funktionalität. Die Produkte sollen länger als nur eine Saison getragen werden. Nachhaltigkeit ist besonders wichtig, daher entwirft VIVIFY eine Kollektion von Lederwaren, die so zeitlos wie möglich ist. VIVIFY liebt es, sich durch die gemeinsame Leidenschaft für die Kunst mit Handwerkern zu verbinden. Das Projekt ist der Kultur, der Kunst des Amazigh-Volkes und ihrem kreativen Geist gewidmet.

Amazigh Font Symbols of Morocco

How Do I Care for my Handmade Leather Bag from Morocco? Expert Tips for Perfect Durability

Your handmade leather bag from Morocco is a precious accessory that
requires special care. With the right products and tips for leather
care, you can ensure that your bag lasts a long time and always looks
like new. There are various methods for cleaning and caring for leather,
including the use of care products such as beeswax, leather grease or
special cleaning products.

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